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Order Process

How does your order process work?

You can learn more about how to order your personalized graphics kit and what to expect during the design process by clicking here

Do you do fully custom graphics?

Each graphics kit purchase includes the option to add your number, name, sponsor logos, and you can even alter the colors.  We do not however, offer fully custom graphics.  It has been our experience most of the time, that someone seeking 'custom' graphics will send us a picture of a bike featuring another company's graphics kit and say, "I want this!"  Knowing first hand the time and effort that goes into creating a graphics kit design, we feel that if you like a kit from another company, then you should purchase it from them and support their work.

How do I apply my new graphics kit to my bike?

You can find our tips for applying your new graphics here

What if I don't see options for my year or model of bike?

We currently offer graphics kits for 110 different bikes over nearly 20 model years!  However, if your particular bike is not listed as an option in our store, please send us an email... it's likely that we're already working to add your specific bike to our graphic offerings!

Do you sell plastics or seat covers?

We're always working to expand and improve our product offerings, but unfortunately we do not sell plastics (with or without graphics applied), nor do we offer seat covers at this time.

Where are your graphics produced?

All of our graphics kits are both designed and produced in the United States.  More specifically, they are made in the great state of Utah (the state of sport!)

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