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While the word Inspire may not serve as the most catchy or aggressive name, it represents the way we do things.  Looking your best inspires confidence, and we want you to be pumped every time you throw a leg over your bike!  More importantly though, we want to extend a helping hand to those who are down on their luck.


As a child, Tyler (Owner, Inspire MX Graphics) was hooked the first time he saw a bright green Pro Circuit Kawasaki.  Growing up riding in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, the trails eventually gave way to the track; until a crash during a race resulted in severe head and facial trauma (similar to Weston Peick’s crash).  The numerous surgical plates and screws came with tens-of-thousands of dollars' worth of medical bills, adding to the stresses that come along with injury (that detract from simply trying to heal!)


Around the time of his accident, Tyler had the opportunity to assist in rebranding his then-employer's fleet of trucks.  Always intrigued by the 'look' of the moto world, and now introduced to the world of vinyl and graphics, Tyler set out to produce a custom graphics kit for his bike.  After a couple years of trial and error, researching different materials, and learning more about printing than he ever cared to know, Inspire MX was founded in 2021 — not just another graphics company, but a community with a mission to give back. 


Each and every graphics kit we produce is prepared by an artist; an actual person, who shares your same passion for riding dirt bikes, and channels that passion into their work.  We pride ourselves on producing our graphics kits here in the USA, using only the very best materials in the industry... and as a smaller company, we'll have your kit sitting on your doorstep before the big name companies would have even started production!  We know you'll be impressed, and you can feel good knowing that a portion of your purchase is donated to help injured riders.


- We are Inspire Motocross -

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